We’re grateful for the incredible support this project has received from individual supporters, Papel Machete and AgitArte volunteers, and arts funders. 

Papel Machete’s On the Eve of Abolition is a recipient of the following awards: 

Creative Capital Award 2020

A Blade of Grass Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art 2020

MAP Fund 2020

National Performance Network’s Creation Fund 2021 | Co-commissioned by Pregones/PRTT (Bronx, NY), Cara Mía Theatre (Dallas, TX), and Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA; San Jose, CA).

National Performance Network Documentation & Storytelling Award 2022

As we prepare to tour On the Eve of Abolition, we are raising funds to cover travel, accommodations, performer stipends and much more. Please consider making a donation through AgitArte (fiscal sponsor)with the designation “On the Eve” to support this work and thank you!

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