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Do you know what they’re plotting with #CopCity?

#CopCity, is a massive, $90 million+ police facility that will serve as a training ground for cops nationwide and worldwide in suppressing protests and movements challenging the carceral state more violently.

As abolitionists and organizers of Mutual Aid + Solidarity networks, we must take action against #CopCity and in defense of the Black, poor, and working-class communities targeted by policing and state sanctioning, and in defending the sacred, the Weelaunee Forest, land of the Mvskoke people.


Art by Pitt Panther

urgent call to action: free krystal clark!

Our friend and comrade, Krystal Clark is a Correspondent for Prison Radio, reporting on the conditions at Women’s Huron Valley in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Krystal is in critical need of our help. For the last 13 years, she has been slowly tortured by the conditions inside the prison. Exposure to mold, lack of basic health care, and retaliation from guards for speaking out have caused Krystal’s health to deteriorate so dramatically that her face has suffered paralysis and she relies on a walker for mobility. Krystal is 39 years old. When she entered Women’s Huron Valley in 2011 she was a healthy woman and now, a doctor outside of the prison has assured her she won’t survive if she stays at Huron Valley.

Please join us in taking any and all of these action steps to keep Krystal safe:

1. Send an email using this text with the subject line “URGENT MEDICAL CARE FOR KRYSTAL CLARK #435064” to the following:

Heidi Washington Washington –
Lisa Guilick MDOC Deputy Director of Operations
Marti kay Sherry, MDOC Director of Health Care services
Jeremy Howard, Warden
Don Jones, Director
Emily Cecil, RN
Kyle Kaminski

2. Share about Krystal with your community and on social media using these images and text

3. Listen to Krystal’s commentaries on Prison Radio and write to her and other women at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional:

Huron Valley Correctional Facility
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197-0911

free leonard peltier!

1. Contact President Joe Biden and demand the immediate release of Leonard Peltier!
2. Call the White House hotline: 202-456-1111 and tell them you support #LeonardPeltier’s release & the commutation of #LeonardPeltier’s sentence. He’s held at USP-Coleman I in FL. Register number 89637-132
Email/call your and Senators

3. Learn more about Free Leonard Peltier campaigns on the United American Indians of New England website

4. Donate to the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

5. Call Legislators
6. Write Letters to Congress
7. Visit Members of Congress
8. Sign a Petition
9. Host an Event
10. Educate Others
11. Become a Volunteer
12. Read Leonard Peltier’s book “Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance”
13. Sign the online petition:
14. Join the FREE LEONARD PELTIER Facebook group
15. Listen to In the Spirit of Crazy Horse – #FreeLeonardPeltier on When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast
16. Listen to LEONARD: Political Prisoner on Apple Podcasts
17. Read Leonard Peltier’s National Day of Mourning statement and share
18. Write to Leonard Peltier at:

P.O. BOX 1033

support prison radio & write to incarcerated folks

Donate to Prison Radio so they can keep the lines open for incarcerated people to report on the conditions inside prisons, share their art, and stay connected on the outside. 

Listen and write to Prison Radio Correspondents

Black & Pink’s tips for writing to an incarcerated person is also a great resource!